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Located in the prestigious Souq-Al-Bahar, Patiala is celebrity chef Kunal Kapur's signature Indian restaurant in Dubai.

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Green Leaf Investments
​​1st Floor, Building No.3, Bay Square,
Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 45637 300

Green Leaf Investments is privately owned by Mr. Saurabh Narain, a graduate from the London School of Economics. Saurabh believes in identifying the true potential of a business idea and converting it into reality.

​​​Green Leaf Investments is an international investment
with expertise in growing and managing businesses.
Green Leaf Investments brings to the table an amalgamation of commercial acumen,
and change management expertise to incubate and manage new ventures,

which deliver financial sustainability and profitability.

Saurabh Narain

Managing Director,​

​Green Leaf Investments

​​​​Maple Bear, East Africa is an upcoming pre-school that promises best in class Canadian Education, helping in shaping futures, globally.

Industry Expertise

  • Corporate & Leisure Travel
  • Hospitality (restaurants)
  • International Education​ Business Services (Business Centers)

To get in touch with Green Leaf Investments, please fill up the form on this page or connect with us on the coordinates below.

Functional Expertise

  • Business Modeling
  • Growth & Profit Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Client Acquisition & Engagement
  • Operations Optimisation
  • Technology Adoption​

​​Maple Bear, Business Bay (Dubai) is the world's leading pre-school, known for its best in class Canadian Education, shaping futures, globally.

​​Regalia offers a modest range of customised  

workspaces which are fully-equipped and versatile in nature. Providing a smooth-running workplace.

Incubating Businesses​



Investor Interest

  • Business Services
  • International Education
  • Travel & Hospitality